From: Darren Steinke (
Date: 04/08/99

Hi there. I'm new to the list so sorry if this question is not formatted =

I was just wondering if some people could send me some ideas on how they =
would do the following:
1) a no-mana system (clerics pray for spells..mages memorize)
2) exp not in numbers..i have 20 mortal each level there is =
10 "notches"...these notches tell you where you are in that level..after =
you have reached the tenth "notch" you gain a level
3) A no practice skill system (skills must be "taught", and only get =
better by use..skills that you use automatically get better more slowly =
than those you have to type out)
4) Death spirit system (raoming spirit, must get raised from dead etc)

thank you for reading this..and please email me if you have any ideas on =
how you would code this.


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