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From: Jess Heinig (
Date: 04/08/99

I'll address these point-by-point in a generic fashion. Pseudo-code, if
you will.

Darren Steinke wrote:

>  Hi there. I'm new to the list so sorry if this question is not
formatted right.
>  I was just wondering if some people could send me some ideas on how
they would do the
>  following:
>  1) a no-mana system (clerics pray for spells..mages memorize)

    Seen this once before; hard to implement. You need a
list/queue/stack for each characters' spells memorized; I recommend
doubly-linked so that you can traverse the list both ways and "remove" a
spell when its used while still maintaining the list integrity. When a
character prays/memorizes a spell, add it to the end of the list and
update your spell counter. When it's cast, search the list for it,
remove it and decrement your spell counter.
  Alternately, you can just store an array of integers, for the number
of instances that each spell is memorized - one integer for each spell
that you have in the game. This is problematic because it means
rebuilding the character database anytime you add new spells and because
arrays are thrice-damned. It's easier to search for whether a character
knows a given spell, though.

>  2) exp not in numbers..i have 20 mortal each level there
is 10 "notches"...these notches
>  tell you where you are in that level..after you have reached the
tenth "notch" you gain a level

    Just keep the "notches" as an integer or somesuch and recode the
level_advance functionality to check against those notches instead of
against total experience. When the layer gets to 10 or more notches,
zero the counter and increment the level and go through the usual level

> 3) A no practice skill system (skills must be "taught", and only get
better by use..skills that you
>  use automatically get better more slowly than those you have to type

    This is VERY difficult, if you make it learning from other players.
On the one hand, if you make it the teacher's responsibility to teach
skills, then you can have someone randomly wandering around teaching
people skills that they don't want, which is annoying. On the other
hand, if you make it the student's responsibility, then teachers can't
have "rare" skills, since anyone could walk up and go "learn <skill>." A
double-implement system has timing issues - set a flag that the teacher
is willing to teach this skill to this person; when do you clear it? Can
you set to teach a skill to multiple people, or to anyone? Can you teach
more than one skill at a time?

>  4) Death spirit system (raoming spirit, must get raised from dead

    Not sure how to do this although I've wanted to implement it myself.
I suspect it will
  involve making a character "corpse" as normal and implementing a flag
for "ghost state."
  This would wind up all over the code, since your "ghost" characters
can't pick up items,
  are probably invisible (depending on how you work it), may or may not
be heard by
  others, etc.

>  thank you for reading this..and please email me if you have any ideas
on how you > would code this.

>  -ds

Jess Heinig

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