Re: [OffTopiC][Linux] PPP WieRd

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/08/99

> The only thing my PPP in linux is good at is mud....
> If u try to download stuff from the net (Real good if u wanna run a
> mud) it hangs.... What seems to be my problem??
> Help is greatly appreciated.
        First, this sort of general problem is probably out of the scope
of this mailing list.  Tweaking and fixing things on linux boxes is
probably best suited by posting to linux user/admin groups.

        That having been said, you're going to want to run down a
        1) check your ISP to make sure they're not doing it.
        2) check your modem to make sure its hardware etc isn't doing it.
        3) check your modem manufacturer to make sure there are no
hardware/other issues which could cause this problem.
        4) make sure that you've set it up right on your linux box.
        (mtu, baud-rate, compression, etc)
        5) make sure no one is perhaps, picking up the phone line/call
waiting etc.
        6) make sure the phone lines are high enough quality to allow
heavier transfer rates (specially if you live > 20-30 minutes from any
town of > 10,000 people .. your phone lines may suffer).
        7) check your system to make sure there are no conflicts.

        If you've checked all these things, then you need to isolate the
error.  Saying 'large files cause it to stop' is not that great.  Saying
'after i've transfered 450K of any file greater than 2 megs it stops and
only then if the files have an extension greater than 3 letters, like
picture.jpeg' is much better.  You have to determine if the error is
repeatable, as that will clue you into the source and fix of the error.
When you've gathered all these things, post on a linux user group (or
several) and you'll be okay.

        In my experience with ppp/slip dialups from linux, any sort of
sporadic error was usually caused by external problems (ISP, phonelines,
people picking up the phone).  I've never heard of your problem before
aside from those sorts of things, and I've been both a linux user as well
as ISP system admin for going on 5 years.


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