Re: Linux Distros (WAS: [NEWBIE][SYSTEM]Help me please.. . )

From: Stefan Wasilewski (
Date: 04/08/99

> Then again, I think everyone should start out with Slackware
> Linux until
> they know what they're doing, then install RedHat.  But
> that's just me.

And then when they gain true enlightenment, they shall migrate, as the
blackbird flies south, to the warmth that is Debian.

$ apt-get install circle3



April 7, 1999 We've made our first public release of libgcj, the
run-time component of GCJ, the GNU Compiler for Java. This allows you to
build executable programs from Java source, without needing any JDK
components. Sources are all available, both by ftp and by anonymous CVS.

This makes the idea of rewriting in Java all the more interesting.


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