DG script help

From: Sorren (sorren@usa.net)
Date: 04/08/99

I'm trying to set a variable to a list of spells, like
set teach_spells fireball curse blindness
ok, I print that out it works fine, now I setup a command script on a mob
which fires on the command practice, which also works, the problem is, I'm
trying to use a new feature that isn't that well documented in the pl6 version
of DG scripts. here's what I have.
if %teach_spells.contains(%arg%)%
say I can teach you %arg%

The mob never says that line, I thought maybe the spaces on teach_spells was
throwing it off, I changed set teach_spells to fireballcurseblindness, still
didn't work, I tried changing the if statement to if
%teach_spells%.contains(%arg%), doesn't work, %teach_spells.contains(arg)%
doesn't work either, tried %arg.contains(%teach_spells%)%.  Any ideas on how
to make this work ?


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