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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 04/08/99

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Stefan Wasilewski wrote:

> This makes the idea of rewriting in Java all the more interesting.

No it doesn't.  Java is a big, steaming pile of x.  Substitute for x with
something unsavory.  Take C, add two parts hype, one part substance and
you have C++.  Take away most of that substance and throw in a helping of
"paradigm-shifts" on the marketing/hype side of the equation and you have
Java.  I think I'd sooner port CircleMUD to BASIC.  Or shell scripts.  Or
Logo.  Or Pilot.

Java is the Communism of programming languages.  A catchy motto, a nifty
idea, and terrible execution.  Whereas Communism made every man paid
equally, Java makes ever program run equally.  Equally.  But like sh!t.


This may not seem like it ties in with CircleMUD, but given the choice in
a scripting language, one for CircleMUD, let's say, whether blocks will be
determined by delimiters like in C ({}) and Pascal (begin/end), or by
spacing (any example languages?) what would be your preference?  I'm
currently leaning towards indentation defining blocks, as I think it looks
neat, is pretty straight-forward, eliminates a lot of the, "Oops, I forgot
to put a closing brace on line 42 and that explains why I got four
thousand errors," problems people so often have, and makes the resulting
code much cleaner and more uniform.  Thus, we're comparing,

  integer foobar ()
    iterator i

    for (i in character_list)
      if (!isnpc(i) && i.got_message < 10) {
        send(i, "hello.\r\n")

  bool foo()


  integer foobar ()
    iterator i

    for (i in character_list)
      if (!isnpc(i) && i.got_message < 10)
        send(i, "hello.\r\n")

  bool foo ()

Note that these examples don't represent the actual functionality of the
language.  They are to be considered pseudo code.

-dak : And real men use Slackware.

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