Re: Java Circle

From: Bill Long (
Date: 04/08/99

"Daniel A. Koepke" wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Stefan Wasilewski wrote:
> > This makes the idea of rewriting in Java all the more interesting.
> No it doesn't.  Java is a big, steaming pile of x.  Substitute for x with
> something unsavory.  Take C, add two parts hype, one part substance and
> you have C++.  Take away most of that substance and throw in a helping of
> "paradigm-shifts" on the marketing/hype side of the equation and you have
> Java.  I think I'd sooner port CircleMUD to BASIC.  Or shell scripts.  Or
> Logo.  Or Pilot.
> Java is the Communism of programming languages.  A catchy motto, a nifty
> idea, and terrible execution.  Whereas Communism made every man paid
> equally, Java makes ever program run equally.  Equally.  But like sh!t.

finally. somebody who agrees with me.

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