Re: code writing a mob

From: Jon A. Nielsen (
Date: 04/09/99

>                    Hi, I am blind and I am trying to write a mob that is
> called newnew the dilivery man and I would like to make scrolls that when
> people recite them newnew will come to them.  I would all so like him to
> walk around the mud and sell things to pelple.  I would like him to buy
> and sell any thing and the scrolls of newnew to be free.  Can someone help
> me write him?  I would like him when loaded to start in the tempal of that
> town that comes with circle?  bye

my first suggestion is to invest a little money in a dictionary.

after that, you can purchase a book on how to program in c/c++, and your
problems will (may) be solved! after you buy the book, read through the
code and all the documentation, familiarise yourself with the style with
which circlemud was programmed.

j. nielsen, jr.

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