Mob error

From: Ian Clifton (
Date: 04/09/99

I replaced a zone (all files, mob, wld, etc.) with an updated version of it
on the remote server.  Thus, the index files didn't need to be updated.  The
zone was created offline using an exact copy of the mud's code (which has
olc obviously).

When I rebooted the mud, I couldn't connected again (received the infamous
"Connection Refused").  I logged on to the server and checked out the logs.

I found this at the end:
Apr 10 01:24:03 :: Loading mobs and generating index.
Apr 10 01:24:03 ::    585 mobs, 11700 bytes in index, 187200 bytes in
Apr 10 01:24:03 :: SYSERR: Warning: unrecognized espec keyword E
 in mob #10148
Apr 10 01:24:03 :: SYSERR: Unterminated E section in mob #10148

So I checked out the mob file,
gateguard guard~
a gateguard~
A gateguard is here observing everything.
     The gateguard is two meters high.  His eyes peer back and forth,
looking at everything that moves.  The rest of his body stays still
and almost appears to be dead.
2122 8192 250 E
10 14 10 2d3+100 1d1+4
623 24530
8 8 1

There's more to it, but considering that is the mob that caused the error I
looked at that only.  I see no error in it, so, since I want my mud to be
back up and running, I just editted out all mention of the zone 101 in each
of the index files.

Then I restarted the mud, but it didn't work *sigh*  Checking the error, I
Apr 10 01:46:30 :: Loading objs and generating index.
Apr 10 01:46:30 ::    702 objs, 14040 bytes in index, 87048 bytes *in
Apr 10 01:46:30 :: SYSERR: obj file world/obj/0.obj is empty!
This error was obvious enough to fix, though I have no idea what could have
caused the file to be emptied.

ANYWAY, if anyone could offer me insite on either error (what caused it, how
to fix it, etc.) I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Ian Clifton
Gordaen -- The Simular of Puissance

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