Re: Mob error

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 04/10/99

Ian Clifton wrote:
> I replaced a zone (all files, mob, wld, etc.) with an updated version of it
> on the remote server.  Thus, the index files didn't need to be updated.

   This sort of thing happens when you transfer essentially text files
between operating systems. Windows likes to add '\r\n' to the end of
each line, which *nix systems aren't too keen on.

   You can get around this a number of ways, firstly opening the file(s)
in question with your favourite *nix editor and then saving them. Or
if you need to convert a number of files you can get a couple of nice
DOS utilities, I personally use 'tounix', and I think you can use grep
to much the same affect.
   I've no idea where they are available from now, as it's been a while
since I got hold of them, but it's shareware so if you would like a
copy I'll send it to you.

-> Ben

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