Force/Switch crash bug

From: David Taylor (
Date: 04/10/99

This bug can really only be exploited by really high level people, so it
isn't too serious, but anway:

If you have two immortals (eg, Imp who is LVL_IMPL, and God who is
LVL_GRGOD) then try this:

Imp> Force God Switch Baker
[God is switched]
Imp> Force God Switch Baker (or anything)

The following patch appears to fix it, but if it is totally wrong, please,
blame someone else :)

--- act.wizard.c        Fri Mar  5 06:47:46 1999
+++ act.wizard.c.fix    Sat Apr 10 21:07:16 1999
@@ -1005,7 +1005,9 @@

   one_argument(argument, arg);

+  if (!ch->desc)
+    return;
   if (ch->desc->original)
     send_to_char("You're already switched.\r\n", ch);
   else if (!*arg)
     send_to_char("Switch with who?\r\n", ch);

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