Re: mudbot?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/11/99

> Does anyone here know of a suitable unix/linux bot that can be run on irc
> servers that give a dcc connection to a user which then connects them to the
> mud, ie so they can play mud through their fav irc client?

        Now, i've yet to hear of anything which does quite that, but I'm
ill-informed when it does come to the irc circuit.  However, it's my
experience that most clients of any sort will allow specified
connections.. ie, zmud will connect to port 25 and allow sendmail
processes, etc.  I would guess that this would be the prefered way of

        However, I have little faith in the idea that you could fork off a
telnet-style connection via /dcc to a mud, and have it work even
relatively well, even and including a /dcc raw -type session, with the
added inconvience of specifiying each message being sent to said client,
much less the fact that I'm not sure if the mud would respond to such a
request in the first place.

        Pretty much though, I'd say there is no bot which was made so you
can mud through irc, using an irc client.  Of course, I may be wrong.  I
really rather doubt it though.


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