Re: NEWBIE: Running a perl conversion script

From: Robert Moon (
Date: 04/11/99

At 03:39 PM 4/10/99 -0700, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:
>Do you have perl?  If not, you can get it from  If
>you have an old version (I think the latest is 5.0004 or something like
>that), upgrade.  If you're curious about the syntax and there's no readme
>available, open up the script and look at it.  You'll probably have to run
>it as, "perl 128conv2" with any additional arguments it wants.

I do have perl 5.0004, and whenever I run the 128conv2.txt script by typing
"perl 128conv2" or "perl 128conv2 -x", I get the following error:

   Illegal character \015 (carriage return) at 128conv2.txt line 1.
   (Maybe you didn't strip carriage returns after a network transfer?)

I had downloaded the 128conv2.txt file from the Ceramic Mouse webiste via
Windows 98 on one of my networked computers, transferred it to my
Windows/Linux machine via Ethernet cards, rebooted my Linux machine to
Linux mode, cp'd the 128conv2 file from the DOS partition to the Linux
partition and into my circle30bpl5/lib/world/obj directory.  I ran the
script from that directory (as well as /mob, /zon, etc.), and each time the
running generated the above error.  Thinking the error *was* caused by
transferring the file via Windows, I opened up the script with Linux' vi
editor and entered my own hard returns at the end of each line, saved the
file, and restarted the script.  Same error.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for
any help you can give.  (I don't know perl at all, hence my ignorance, and
only need to know the very basics to run this one script.)

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