Re: [CODE] Ascii Worldmap?

From: Bill Long (
Date: 04/12/99

hey?? did anybody else notice the name pun there??

or do i need to seek help?

Angus Mezick wrote:
> 1) They are pricks

> 2) the list archives are a good place to start,  there is almost
> a complete system for this written in there.
> --Angus
> "Richard P. Bandura" <alpha4@CAPITAL.NET> on 04/11/99 01:16:57 AM
> <bobbit>
>         I've seen this system implemented on several muds, however the imps
> are
> either not willing to discuss even the most basic concept of how they did
> it, or they're just rude to me in general (the "hahaha our code is so
> great, you'll never figure it out" routine). I like to think I'm not a BAD
> coder...I just have no idea where to start with this. :P
scary man. scary.
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