Re: [OasisOLC] No long desc

From: Bill Long (
Date: 04/14/99

ahhh!! now i get it. this is a very simple fix.

in the act.informative.c:show_obj_to_char function

down near the very bottom line there is a strcat(buf, "\n\r").

simply change that with this.
if (strlen(object->description) > 0) //you could also do if
  strcat(buf, "\n\r");               //which is faster since you wont be
                                     //a function.

then make sure that you do not have an object description. you might
also want to run a skip_spaces just in case the builders put in some
spaces without knowing it.

this is mailer code. i havent tested it. it may not work. but you get
the general idea.

Julian Buckley wrote:
> > i have spent many an hour hacking on oasis. but i'm not sure what you
> > mean.
> > you want to completely get rid of the long description for objects??
> >
> > or do you just want to remove the ability to edit long descrips in
> > oedit?
> > and by making it so it doesnt have that space there what do you mean?
> > what space? i'm kinda confused.
> >
> > if you can be just a bit more specific i can help you out. right now,
> > the question is a bit vague.
> The Quasm of Xnikdom
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> Raneda offer their services, as if by magical being.  All fixtures have a
> great deal of pride, and anything you require may by obtained within this
> circle.
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> Raneda is here, playing with a canister of liquid nitrogen.
> My understanding is that he wants to first "black out" (as shown above) an
> object, but inevitably hide it from view.  The way I did it was devise a
> "hidden" object flag, and only allow those with the "sense object" skill
> to view it.
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