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From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 04/14/99

> i have spent many an hour hacking on oasis. but i'm not sure what you
> mean.
> you want to completely get rid of the long description for objects??
> or do you just want to remove the ability to edit long descrips in
> oedit?
> and by making it so it doesnt have that space there what do you mean?
> what space? i'm kinda confused.
> if you can be just a bit more specific i can help you out. right now,
> the question is a bit vague.

The Quasm of Xnikdom
   Utilities line the walls around this great Quasm.  The postmaster and
Raneda offer their services, as if by magical being.  All fixtures have a
great deal of pride, and anything you require may by obtained within this
[ Exits: n e w d ]
An ashen wand is here

A potion labeled "cure critic" sits on the floor. (glowing)
An ornate scroll has been left here. (yellow)
A scroll has carelessly been left here. (yellow)
Raneda is here, playing with a canister of liquid nitrogen.

My understanding is that he wants to first "black out" (as shown above) an
object, but inevitably hide it from view.  The way I did it was devise a
"hidden" object flag, and only allow those with the "sense object" skill
to view it.


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