[PATCH][BPL15]: Social!!

From: Ryan Kahn (padishar@bellsouth.net)
Date: 04/14/99

Hey... I was wondering.. I've been palying with circle30bpl15 for a few
hours now..
I found the patch.everything patch..
There only thing I seem to be having trouble with is this:
When I run autorun :
SYSERR: act.comm.c:240 Zero bytes or less read for socials file...
SYSERR: Social file has bad format at accuse (first line!!)

I just removed the socials file and touch it back into exsistance.. so
now it has format error at line: '' heh..
Does anyone know if I have to do something to my socials file after
installed the socials editor?? If anyone can help, please do.

-- Ryan
Ryan Kahn (Scythe, Padishar)
Head Implementor
The Demon's Grasp port 6666

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