Re: [Newbie][Compiling]:More errors.

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 04/15/99

"Miguel Chávez G." wrote:
> I feel realy bad.
> I change it twice.
> The first change was to change ulong to u_long (and too to unsigned
> long)
> But its didnt works.
> Te error i got was:
> cc -c -g -O2 -Wall  comm.c
> comm.c: In function `parse_ip':
> comm.c:1146: warning: pointer to const given for argument 1 of
> `inet_addr'
> comm.c: In function `reap':
> comm.c:1946: warning: implicit declaration of function `waitpid'
> comm.c:1946: `WNOHANG' undeclared (first use this function)
> comm.c:1946: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> comm.c:1946: for each function it appears in.)
> comm.c:1948: warning: implicit declaration of function `my_signal'
> *** Exit 1
> Stop.
> *** Exit 1
> Stop.
> colliman>

try grepping through your main include dirs (/usr/include) or using man
to find the header files with the definitions of WNOHANG, waitpid and
my_signal.  As you appear to be porting to a new system for circle so
it's possible that some functions do not have the same arguments, or are
in different .h files so you might need to play around with your header


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