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From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: 04/15/99

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Andrew Ritchie wrote:
> Secondly, I was thinking about dynamic room descriptions, but I'm not sure
> as to how much lag this will produce, evaluating a script everytime someone
> 'look's. Has anyone had experience with lag-time in this area?

Dynamic room descriptions.. when would their be a need to modify the
room descriptions on a on the fly basis? I was thinking about setting
up room descriptions that change with the seasons. (working on imping
seasons to:) Did you want to modify them on a tick basis? I could see
modifying them on a day/night basis but I cant put that much demand
on a builder.. Me: "You should write 8 descriptions per room for every
season and the day and night." Builder: "Yea right!.. keep your lousey

> Finally, the MUD I am creating at the moment is almost pure roleplay, but I
> understand that a MUD is a social game and many people just want to have an
> idle chat to someone else, in an out of character enviroment. I was thinking
> about setting aside some taverns as OOC, but then I don't want people to go
> to the tavern just to escape their IC punishments (ie, if they pkill someone
> and then run straight to an OOC tavern as a haven). I also don't want people
> killing people, and then simple quitting the game to avoid punishment.
> Anyone got any ideas?

Make it so pkillers cant enter the tavern or allow the players to attack
each other in the tavern. I dont think you are going to be able to stop
someone from killing and logging off unless yopu catch them in the act.
You could give them a warning about it when they quit or assuming you
have rent... You could set up a timer so that if a player kills someone
then they can not rent for the next 10 mins or something.

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