a note of thanks

From: Bill Long (bill@longboys.net)
Date: 04/17/99

my thanks goes out to Jeremy and the rest of the CircleMUD community::::

even though i dont run the later Patch levels(i'm a stickler for pl11.)
i would like to salute your wonderful efforts(especially george of late)
in getting the circle mud community the info that they have.  i have
been on this list in one form or another for the last 5 years, some
things never change, some things change radically. though i think that
circlemud has become a bit complicated and beyond the scope that Jer
originally intended, George [and the other major circlemud
contributitors(you know who you are)] have been, how shall i say it,
instrumental, and quite helpful in establishing circlemud as the premier
code base to run a mud from. [reference: mudconnector].  i have
experimented with many code bases, but feel that [as jeremy intended]
circle mud is the best to base a CUSTOM type mud off of.  I have used
can find, I have built my own online editors and completely re-organized
the base level data structures of circlemud.  all in all, i think its
the best around. for whatever you want to do.(granted, it takes a LOT to
get circlemud into the RP arena, but you can do it with a little

anyway, thanks, to ALL of you,
the world of mudding is a whole genre in itself, and i'm happy and proud
to be a part of it.

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