Re: DG Scripts

From: Tom Dailey (
Date: 04/17/99

There are no snippet sites that have the actual scripts to download.
I'd recommend reading the dg docs, play around with it for a week or so,
then go to mark's page and find other muds that use dg_scripts and get onto
those muds and ask a few of the builder types any questions that you might
I did that and found the people to be very helpful.

There are a few things that would be helpful.  It would be nice if each
trigger type had
an example with it (in the docs).  A few of the trigger types are tricky.
For example, the global trigger
is not self explanatory, and could use a bit of help.  Learning how to get
the trigger to store
values/names and pass those values/names to other triggers is not simple in
nature, especially
for most builder types with little to no coding logic experience.

I would even suggest starting a dgFAQ for triggers or if some people
wouldn't mind contributing
examples of triggers for each trigger type, we could get the scripts added
to the docs (if Mark wouldn't
mind the input).


><< Hello
>   hello, whare are some snipplet sites that have DG scripts
> available to download?
> thank you
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