Re: [COMPILING] what do errors mean?

From: Jason Berg (
Date: 04/20/99

Over all I would say the first parse error on line 760 is the main cause of
the problem on the rest of the errors.  Syntax/Parse error can cause major
problems as the piece that was parsed wrong could be a definition or
prototype that the rest of the function needs.

act.other.c:769: conflicting types for `send_to_char'
comm.h:15: previous declaration of `send_to_char'
Conflicting types are normally caused when you accidently make a change in a
function and the compiler thinks you are attempting to redifine it.  Seing
that circlemud is written in C and not C++ there is no function overloading
to handle these cases.

act.other.c:798: warning: implicit declaration of function `skip_space'
comm.c:993: warning: implicit declaration of function `interpret_colors'
Impicit declarations are when the compiler thinks you are trying to define a
function inside another function.  Seing as there is no further message that
reads Redefinition of function 'interpret_colors' you are probably missing a
piece out of a header file or just the function prototype.

At the same time I am not nearly in the league as the people on the rest of
this list and I use MSVC for my compiling but most errors show up the same on
all compilers.  A little code would be nice so we could show you how the
error came about without just generalizing.
Hope this helps, Gameguru

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