Few more questions

From: Darren Steinke (darrens@flashmail.com)
Date: 04/20/99

Hi there. I added my own INFO channel..and the wierd thing is
when an event happens like an advancement all it does is:
[Info] '$'
and thats it. So I tried changing the buf around
sprintf(buf, "%s has gained a level.", GET_NAME(ch));
infonet(buf, INFONET_ALL);

I switched the buf in infonet to buf1, and vice cersa, and when I do that..i
just get [Info] [Info] [Info] like 8 times and thats it. Very wierd. Any
ideas or thoughts?

Also, I did my own object stacking after looking at the snippet and making
it a little better, my question is, is it possible to add them to attack
messages (i have multiattacks) and I want message stacking for same damage
messages. Is this even possible? I spent 3 hours today trying to figure it
out but to noavail.

Sorry for my emails being so damn long..but you guys who help out are
awesome and I really appreicate it :-)


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