Re: C Books

From: Pete 23 (
Date: 04/20/99

1) C for Dummies  (35.99)
2) Programming C (79.99)
3) How to Program C++ (39.99, 3 books plus 2 CDROMS, and Borland C++)

  I would recommend "C for Dummies" only if you're a complete beginner
to programming and don't have much computer experience.
  As for the others... the most important info is the publisher. Which
publisher you choose really determines the quality.
  O'Reilly: the best
  Que: Good
  Brady: Good
  Sams: OK
  Bantam: Almost as good as Sams
  Microsoft Press: Very bad

  Note- this is just my personal judgement based on programming books
I've bought or read over the years. However, O'Reilly is universally
acknowledged (sp) as the best by geeks everywhere.

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