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From: Daniel Wickes (
Date: 04/20/99

I know you'll be aware of this, but I'm going to point it out again anyway...
Your number 3) is a C++ book.  Whilst I personally prefer C++ to C, and it's
for all intents and purposes a superset of C, I'd be wary of trying to learn
/C/ from a C++ book.

I wouldn't like to pick any of the books below, purely because I don't know
numbers 2) and 3) well enough to comment and 1) tends a little towards the
simplistic.  For C I'd recommend "C the complete reference" by Schildt
(Osborne) and for C++ (moving from C or another language) I'd recommend "The
Late Night Guide To C++" by Nigel Chapman (John Wiley).  Depending on how much
of a beginner you are, you might want another book on top of one, or both.
It's true that "C the complete reference" isn't the greatest tutorial, but
then there's no substitute from messing with code, reading and messing with
code ad infinitum.

Why did you highlight the three books you did, I wonder?  I'm sure all the
books that have been mentioned in this thread are available from Amazon
(, and they're likely to be as cheap or cheaper than
your local stockist.

> I've looked around for C books, and I can only find a few.
> So which one should I get and is worth my money?
> 1) C for Dummies  (35.99)
> 2) Programming C (79.99)
> 3) How to Program C++ (39.99, 3 books plus 2 CDROMS, and Borland C++)

-- Daniel

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