Re: Zone loading, Checking mobs per zone/room

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/21/99

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Del wrote:

>Below is the zone loading, and the zcmd.arg2 line checks the mob index for the
>world, is there anything or any code or does anyone have an idea how I can
>check a zone or room to see how many items/mobs of that type are in it?

You'll have to iterate over the zone and check each room for one.

>I am trying to add in the qualifier, which I have the variable in the zon
>files already, now I am trying to get it to check either zone, world, or room
>(what ever the qualifier is). And I am stuck here on how to make it check zone
>or room.

Make a:

get_num_npc(mob_vnum, int zone_or_world_or_room_flag, int zone_or_room);

or something similiar to make it easier.  2nd argument would be same as
what you read from the zone files.

George Greer

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