[CODE] Overflow Problems.....

From: Maximum Carnage (carnage@games2.mudsrus.com)
Date: 04/22/99

Recently this problem has surfaced on my MUD esp. when I use the file
command I got from the snippet tar found on the circlemud ftp site.  Anyhow
heres what happens eventually.:

Apr 22 01:58:41 :: SYSERR: *** Buffer overflow! ***
buf: You say, 'I'm a very female dragon.'
buf1: $
buf2: $n leaves east.
arg: mecho
Apr 22 01:59:11 :: SYSERR: *** Buffer overflow! ***
buf: You say, 'I'm a very female dragon.'
<=I'm figuring since most have seen this before I won't put a ton here:>  =>

Now I read through the archives and searched for information and I came up
with a similar case, but in was in consideration of olist, mlist, and rlist
and the only solution that was given there was for the poster to fix the
lister commands so one could only list say 100 of anything at one time.  I
also noted that there was some talk about a structure called release_buffer.
I crawled around the FTP site at circleMUD.org and found a file called
buffer18.patch which has this structure in it, but I couldn't find any
documentation to it.  What I want to do is possible add to do_file a command
that will clear out the buffer once it lists all the info from the files
which was requested and just off hand I'm guessing this patch will do that,
but I was wondering if anyone could tell me abit about this patch before I
go ahead and put it in?  Or maybe even suggest something better?  I tried
making the variables for the output buffering system larger thinking that
this could help, but either way I still have the same problemz...  Well
thanx for listening and I look forward to a hopefully flameless reply from
someone:>  LAterz.

-Smillie, IMP
Maximum Carnage
carnage.mudsrus.com 6669

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