Why use 128 bit bitvectors?

From: Jason Berg (JGuru42@aol.com)
Date: 04/23/99

I never got anyone to explain this to my why but I don't understand why
anyone would want to change over to 128 bitvectors.  It does make things
easier to read and code if you need more options for a certain set of
bitvectors but doesn't it also reduce your ability to quickly figure out
bitvectors as multiple sets?
Ex  IS_SET(bitvector, multiple things ORed together).
Maybe they got the code to a better level than it was a year ago when I was
looking at it but I like to add more unsigned longs and adding more macros to
get to them rather than using the 128 bitvector code.
Any response that may point out the benefits of using this code (other than
just pure lazyness) is greatly appreciated as I am always willing to admit
Gameguru :)

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