Re: Why use 128 bit bitvectors?

From: Robert Moon (
Date: 04/23/99

At 03:19 AM 4/23/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I never got anyone to explain this to my why but I don't understand why
>anyone would want to change over to 128 bitvectors.
>Any response that may point out the benefits of using this code (other than
>just pure lazyness) is greatly appreciated as I am always willing to admit

The sole reason why I converted to 128 bits was because I wanted to add
dozens of new affect flags, such as AFF_IMMUNE_FIRE, AFF_ENTANGLE,
AFF_NAUSEA, AFF_DISEASE, etc.  Within one day of bleary-eyed coding, I had
added 51 affect flags but would have never been able to do it with a 32 or
64 bit code.

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