Re: olc trouble

From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: 04/27/99

> olcplus-v2.1a-complete-package

> when I was running some tests to make sure everything was running right
> without killing the mud I made a new zone (zedit new <zone#>) and that
> did fine, then I advanced my character to level 32 or so and the darn
> character
> can't edit the zone I made, when I tried the following comand:
>   set <playername> olc <zone#> it told me I cant do that (being impy)

In 2.1a the author if the patch changed how zone permissions are assigned.
No longer do you use the set command to hand out permissions. You just
zedit the zone and add the names of the builders in a space seperated
list in the builders field.


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