Re: olc trouble

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 04/27/99

> I recently installed the following OLC program (with DG scripts):
> olcplus-v2.1a-complete-package
> with Circle30bpl14
> when I was running some tests to make sure everything was running right
> without killing the mud I made a new zone (zedit new <zone#>) and that
> did fine, then I advanced my character to level 32 or so and the darn
> character
> can't edit the zone I made, when I tried the following comand:
>   set <playername> olc <zone#> it told me I cant do that (being impy)
> <sigh>

The problem lies in the README files in the OlcPlus package.  It clearly
New features:
   set <person> olc <#> has been removed.  Implementors now ZEDIT in
      the appropriate zone and edit the builder list.
      [ note, this *will* need to patch your world files. ]

Basically, zone builder privs are given by a Builder List, similar to:

B) Builders: Caniffe Saxen Tekhen

You can either manually change the .zon files, or use Zedit to edit it
(with a Grgod+)...

A typical .zon file looks like:

Typical Zone File~
Caniffe Saxen Tekhen~
799 30 2

Simply add a new line with the builders separated by spaces after the zone
name.  Or, even more simply, use zedit.

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