OasisOLC v2.0

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@pacific101.com)
Date: 04/27/99

Alright, I've been working with this, and first thing I've been able to
identify is a strange medit bug.  It's not so strange now though.

If you keep ending up with the "alias" field of your mobiles being a copy of
the extra description, and a crash when you save, check genmob.c for this:

int copy_mobile_strings(struct char_data *t, struct char_data *f)
  if (f->player.name)
    t->player.name = str_dup(f->player.name);
  if (f->player.title)
    t->player.title = str_dup(f->player.title);
  if (f->player.short_descr)
!    t->player.name = str_dup(f->player.short_descr);
  if (f->player.long_descr)
!    t->player.name = str_dup(f->player.long_descr);
  if (f->player.description)
!    t->player.name = str_dup(f->player.description);
  return TRUE;

Interesting how it saves to name 4 times, no?  Simply change that as
appropriate (see lines marked with !).  Sleepy George?  Hehe, anyway, great
OLC.  Still trying to figure out the ugly existing object edit problem...
It doesn't like empty action descriptions.  First thing I noticed was that
it's the only one assigned by "whatever = str_dup(whatever)" vs. "whatever =
str_udup(whatever)", with str_udup being a check null version of str_dup,
AFAIK.  I changed that, and it works, but the "undefined" string it uses is
ugly.  Easy fix, add a \r\n, but I want to allow null action descs, I think.
Maybe I'll add if checks..


Anyway, thanks for the work George.

Note:  This is with the -pre3 patch available in George's webspace, where
you found OasisOLCv2.0-pre2 if you got that earlier.  The patch is

-K. (I'm changing my non-initial...)

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