[CODE]Spec procs

From: Axiem (axiem@swbell.net)
Date: 04/28/99

I have a question about spec procs: Is there any way for a spec proc to
determine the vnum of the npc/obj/room it is on? I've looked through all
of the procs given, and I can't find any example of anything similar. As
for the reason I want to know if this is possible is I'm going to have
one spec proc assigned to some npc's, and when the user types a specific
command (the same for each), each npc will resond in a certain, possibly
unique, way. Or would it be better for me to simply write a bunch of
spec procs, one for each npc, and just assign unique spec procs to each

And also, what does ObCircle mean?

I would have searched the archives for this stuff, but when I tried, it
gave me a 404 error.

-"And there was much rejoicing..."

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