[Warning] [Bug?] Social messages not defined as do_action

From: Martijn Schoemaker (mschoe@osp.nl)
Date: 04/29/99

Hi all,

Just checked out the new patch level and I found a tricky point
which I had corrected in my old version. This is not realy a bug,
but it can cause mayor strange side effect, hence the Warning
tag in the subject.

What's up? If you take a look at the boot_social_messages routine
it counts all commands which do a do_action call, and assumes
all socials in the social file have a corresponding command in the
master command table and thus allocates the space for it. But if
you have a social in your social file which does not have a
command in the command list which calls do_action, but calls
another function (overlap) it will read the social in memory and
this causes the allocated space to be insufficient and the mud
will write in random memory which tragically not always causes

I have spent a lot of time locating this quirck using a memory
call replacement library (dmalloc, it rulez) and just wanted
to warn you all what might happen.


Try: imagica.net 4000 (or 119) and be amazed.
In days long gone, the captain used to go down with his ship.  Now that
Windows NT is running Navy warships, the ships go down all by themselves.

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