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From: Alex (
Date: 04/29/99

As I've received a number of queries about items of late, I've decided
to spell things out a little more clearly in the Mailing List FAQ.
I've also updated a few links in this FAQ, and will be adding more
once I finish amassing them all.

And yes, the main CircleMUD FAQ will be going through an update cycle
soon too (ie, as soon as I finish reading through it once to see what
is completely out of date).  If anyone has anything that they think
should be mentioned, corrected, or elsewise, please let me know in the
near future.

I do have a question for the list... does anybody remember Postmaster
Emily's Online ettiquette tips?  I think it was Emily at least... point
being... I can't seem to find it, links to it, etc anymore.

Anyone have a copy of it hanging around or else a webpage/ftp site for it?

Thanks and as always, ensure that you've read the FAQ mentioned in the
link below before posting,


     | Ensure that you have read the CircleMUD Mailing List FAQ:  |
     |  |

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