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From: Del (
Date: 04/29/99

Not sure if this is what your looking for, but it was labeled "Internet
Ettiquette from E-maily Posting"

Back Alley Nettiquette:

All caps is yelling.

Don't use the smiley ( :) ) All the time.

If you don't know, gracefully bow out and say "I don't know."

If you have an opinion and you have already stated it, show others your
IQ: for each time you uselessly repeat or argue over a point, the iq we
see goes down by 5 points (I've seen a few 10's....) So if you want to
be accepted and listened to, state your opinion respectfully, then shut

Anytime it looks like fun to pretend to be someone you aren't, remember
the other people may be doing the same.

SPAM is not a good thing. Do you enjoy getting phone calls from MA&CTIT
during your dinner meal? Getting spam email or newgroup messages is the
same thing, I'm here for a reason, and to get SPAM is not it!

Foul language is the final refuge of the intelligent man. If ALL you can
do is use foul language, you need to read a dictionary. Logoff now and
go pickup the webster's unabridged, learn some more words.

Bandwidth (speed/time) on the net is expensive, if you have nothing new
to add to the conversation (wherever it be...ICQ, IRC, Newsgroups,...)
then don't be cutesy and add , "Me too!!!!!!"

Webpages: It is acceptable to place 1 to 3 addresses at the end of your
email, icq or newsgroup signature file BUT just adding a message to the
group just to advertise your webpage about your cat (or David
HassilHon's new gluteus or...) is in poor taste, and if done more than
once a week, just plain RUDE!

Read the FAQ (95% in groups, irc's, etc the first thing you get made
available to you is the Frequently Asked Questions document.) Read this!
Even those of us who have been on the net since the beginning read
them., especially if there is a new group or list forming. By not
reading the FAQ first you announce your own ignorance AND risk
infuriating the other members who read AND follow the FAQ!

Asking for help is not a bad thing, asking incessantly will get you
kill-filed (ignored permanently), Be polite, ask kindly, and give people
some time, just because you can't sleep at 3 in the morning, doesn't
mean that your recipient can't sleep. Give people several days to reply,
then don't get rude; Move ON! Do you deserve an ulcer just because
someone else has an attitude? I don't. Let it go.

If your buddy (pal, girlfriend, boyfriend etc.) isn't online and you
don't know when they'll be online, don't hang on the line waiting. Send
an email, say you'll check back in an hour or so then LOGOFF! Some of us
make our living on the net, and knowing that I can't work because some
goofball is pining for the girl who doesn't know him and he's waiting to
see her in IRC, makes me crazy!

Share: The net runs on kindness and equipment. There is more than enough
unkindness in this world, do you really need to add to it? My favorite
poem comes to mind here:

Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone, for the
world is full of unkindnesses and hurts, but it has no mirth of it's
own. (Paraphrased)

Last of all: Try. The saddest saying in the world is "I shoulda...."

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