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A Guide to E-mail Etiquette

courtesy of Dnet

Electronic mail -- or e-mail as it is most commonly known -- works very
much like postal mail. You receive mail at your own address, and you
send mail to others at their addresses.

If you have used a computer to type a letter, then you have most of the
skills needed to send e-mail. The only difference is that with regular
mail you would have to print out the letter and put it in the mailbox,
whereas with e-mail you press a key or two and the letter is transmitted

Today, with 60 million Americans having access to e-mail, and 12.8
million U.S. households using e-mail from home, it is the most widely
used application on the Internet. By the year 2001, it is projected that
the number of Americans who will communicate via e-mail will be 135
million (half the population).

What does all this mean to you? E-mail is hot, and getting hotter.
Chances are, sooner or later you will be using it. And, with the use of
e-mail comes a whole new language, a new set of unspoken rules and
responsibilities -- what is commonly known as E-mail Etiquette. Here are
some Dos and Doníts to help you become a savvy e-mail user.

Etiquette Dos:

     Be Concise. Keeping e-mails short helps to keep them more
     Avoid "Flames." A "flame" is an inflammatory or critical message.
     Use Asterisks. Use asterisks to highlight a key word or thought for
     Use Threads. Threads are a series of responses to an original
     Avoid Spamming. Spam, when used in reference to e-mail, means
electronic garbage.

Etiquette Doníts:

     Use ALL CAPS. This is the online equivalent of shouting.
     Repeat Messages. Sending the same message to the same recipient
       than once can be perceived as pestering a person.
     Overuse Mail Distribution Lists. A long delivery can annoy readers
        make your message seem like junk mail.

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