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From: David Taylor (
Date: 04/30/99

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Del wrote:
> Today, with 60 million Americans having access to e-mail, and 12.8
> million U.S. households using e-mail from home, it is the most widely
> used application on the Internet. By the year 2001, it is projected that
> the number of Americans who will communicate via e-mail will be 135
> million (half the population).

Hmm.  I immediately hate that.  Who gives a damn about the number of
*americans* on the internet.  Everyone else can receive e-mails too.

> Etiquette Dos:

When I read that I thought it was talking about MS-DOS :), Do's would be


> Etiquette Doníts:
>      Use ALL CAPS. This is the online equivalent of shouting.
>      Repeat Messages. Sending the same message to the same recipient
> more
>        than once can be perceived as pestering a person.
>      Overuse Mail Distribution Lists. A long delivery can annoy readers
> and
>         make your message seem like junk mail.

And an idea would be to repeat DON'T infront of those
sentences..  Otherwise if you just glance over it (like i did) you could
get the idea its telling you to use all caps, repeat messages and over use
mail distribution lists :)

And yeah, I know you didn't make that, but, if something like that is
going to be added to the FAQ, please don't make it about how many
Americans are on the WORLD WIDE web.

David Taylor
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