[CODE] Warnings & Line of sight

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@alphalink.com.au)
Date: 04/30/99

Hey all,

void load_player_file(FILE *fp, struct char_data *p)
   to->firstname = fread_string(fp, "load_player_file");

Just curious as to why this line was producing a:

"warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast"

warning whilst compiling. The code runs fine, but I just hate seeing errors.
Another thing whilst I'm writing... I want to make ranged weapons able to
shoot to different rooms, using an ASCII map type setup. I am trying to
implement a line of sight type algorithm, so that if the shooter can see the
target (straight line from target to shooter, with no blocks in between) you
can fire the arrow successfully. Problem is, I'm not sure how I would
implement the 'line of sight' code. Anyone have any ideas?

That's it for now,

Cheers, Andrew.

Andrew Ritchie,
Rippon Lea Mansion and Estate

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