[NEWBIE][CODE] creating a blank room

From: Christopher J. Bottaro (cjb9@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: 05/02/99

ok, i've tried to understand how redit creates a new room (from the command
redit <unused vnum>), but i still can't write a snippit of code that
creates a room from scratch, then saves it internally.  so far i've come up
with this:

CREATE(d->olc, struct olc_data, 1);
CREATE(OLC_ROOM(d), struct room_data, 1);
OLC_ROOM(d)->name = str_dup("An unfinished room");
OLC_ROOM(d)->description = str_dup("You are in an unfinished room.\r\n");
OLC_ROOM(d)->number = vnum_targ;

after this snippit of code runs, my prog crash when invoking strlen or
strcpy or something.  (which is called by process_output).
i suppose this indicates to me that the prog execution gets back into the
main game loop, but my descriptor's output queue is all messed or something.

thank you for the help.

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