Re: [CODE] Patch Conversion

From: Chris Powell (
Date: 05/02/99

>PS. yes i am too lazy to change the patch format and / or patch it by hand.
>which i know some of you out there will say "patch it by hand".

Gee sounds like your SOL if no-one else has any suggestions for ya.
Also if you are to lazy to hand patch a simple patch file how much coding do
you do anyway, as I have found hand-patching an easier/lazier thing to do
than to try to create and debug a thound+ lines of code on my own, but thats
me.  Then again I dont like to use patches, but enough rambling.

This is mainly for George, just wandering if an Xedit save all command is
slated for any future OasisOLC builds?  This will pretty much go through and
save all of whatever type of file, makes it easier to do updates on all
mob/room/obj/zone files than trying to do it by hand.

Chris Powell

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