SV: [CODE] Patch Conversion

Date: 05/02/99

Where to start?
I have since Christmas been trying to patch in dg_triggers and Oasis olc.
I eventually after three (yes three) attempts to patch in the afforementioned patches by hand. I sort of gave-up! With this in mind. I can offer the List a patch.exe (for dos) I pickup last week in this lovely list that works. I am also willing to put a package together with instructions to be submitted to the windows/dos section if I get some feedback.
I would also like to find out how to SUBMIT this package.
I would also like to know if it would be possible for the next Version of Circlemud to have both Oasis and DGscripts already "in" as a packet.
If not I would like the List to at least discuss it.
If it was "in" the next version, then patches would become easier to do. (I think)

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Fra: Robert Alexander Rossow <>
Til: <>
Dato: 2. mai 1999 00:39
Emne:  [CODE] Patch Conversion

>I am trying to patch in oasis olc with death gate scripting however when i go
>to patch it on my account  the patch program does not reconise the patch file.
>it will reconize patch files that have the *************** *** 0,10 ****
>format but not that @@ format.
>any sugestions? any programs that can patch in windows. (dont flame me too
>PS. yes i am too lazy to change the patch format and / or patch it by hand.
>which i know some of you out there will say "patch it by hand".
>Robert Rossow
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