Re: [OLC] [DGSCRIPTS] Yes, I'm a moron, plz enlighten me

From: Mark Vanness Jr. (
Date: 05/02/99

>I tried "Trigedit save 30" but it says "Oops, I forgot what you wanted to

Please check back in the archives, I am sure you would have found
the answer to your question.  You would have also found the answer
to your question if you would have examined the code a little bit.

"Triggers" are automatically saved.  If you find them not loading on bootup,
it is because of a bug...trigger files are only added to zones when the
"zedit new" is used in most cases, the trigger index file is not added to
you create a new zone....

I hope you understand what I have said, if not send me a private mail and
I will try to explain it better.............

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