[AD] Creative builders Wanted

From: Xual (xual@danathara.dhs.org)
Date: 05/03/99

Greetings everyone,

        I am pleased to announce that Danathara Online RPG is now
accepting applications for world builders and quest writers.  Our goal is
to have a 99% original environment full of interesting areas, intelligent
mobs and challenging quests.  (The 1% would include limbo and the God
Simplex)  The basic layout of the world has been created, and lots of work
has already been done in the weapons and armor department.

        Experience with world building or coding is not required, in fact,
all we ask of you is dedication, creativity and good grammar.  OasisOLC
has been installed to make building easier, however offline building is
acceptable as well.  We also use DG Scripts in many places to enhance the
RP envrionment.

        If you are interested in building well designed and interesting
areas/quests please drop by and look around.  If you like what you see,
point your web browser to http://danathara.dhs.org/builders_app.html
and fill out the form.  We'll get back to you ASAP.

"Misery is boundless"
        -Xual the Torturer, on the Eve of the Sundering.

Danathara Online RPG

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