Re: [NEWBIE] auto-reboot??

From: Phil Durand (
Date: 05/03/99

Well, first of all, you can make a batch file (If you are programming a c++
mud on win98, how come you dont know anything about those??)

If you really dont know how, here is some help:

Edit a new file in notepad or something that wont save as a Rich Text File,
only as a normal text.

-------START HERE-----------
@Echo off
cd \<mud directory>\
echo Starting Mud...
circlemud.exe <---- you executable
goto start
--------END HERE------------

This will NEVERENDINGLY LOOP your mud, if you try and press CONTROL-C it
will only crash the mud, and restart it again... So if you want to stop the
whole thing, just close the dos shell window through windows.

You might also think that it is anoying to have the circlemud window always
be in the taskbar.. well if you do, and haven't done anything about it, go
on and try and find a system tray program that puts
applications in the systray... I use Trayer 2.3 (32-Bit) Its Free I think.
Its great, only I'm not sure if you can use the batch file above in it...
probably can.

Anyways, if you have questions, just write me.

> i'm running circlemud 3.0b pl15 on a win98 machine with msvc++.  i have no
> idea how to auto-reboot after crashes...=(  my builders are getting
> annoyed...=(  anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.  if anyone
> know how to get the executeable to re-run after a crash, please explain
> how.  thank you.

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