[Code] OasisOLC and prototypes

From: The Fractal Dimension (fractal@oberon.krans.com)
Date: 05/04/99


Recently I put in a system of individualizing objects into my MUD,
which includes the changing of object namelists, descriptions, etc.

I also put in OasisOLC v1.6b (as part of the OLC+ 2.1a package),
and I was wondering, in oedit_save_internally, how I might change
the update section to update all instances of the object being edited,
and leaving the customizations alone?


I load a long sword, add a 5 hitroll apply field, and change the name
to something like "the ogre-crusher", then go in and edit the object in
oedit.  When I save it, the sword (under the current system) reverts
to "a long sword" and doesn't have the extra 5 hitroll affect.


I was thinking about making the function check _every_ value of the object
in the object_list to see if it equals the value stored in the old
prototype, and then change it to the value of what the new prototype
should be if it was equal.  Then I never replace the old prototype with
the new one, just change the appropriate values in the prototype and free
the new one.

Is there a better way to do what I am trying to accomplish here?
(Before I spend the next week ripping oedit apart and causing numerous
system crashes ...)



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