Re: [CODE] Weather System

From: Chris Powell (
Date: 05/04/99

Well the approach I took, when I was messing around with this,  was to
create a zone variable called climate.  Then you define different types such
as arid, tropical, arctic, etc.  And in the weather code you have when ever
it calls for specific weeather pattern,  like rain/snow,  just have it run a
switch(cliamte_var) and run through your different climates.  This may be a
hard way of doing it, but was the easiest to think of in about 30 minutes.
Any further questions, etc just send to me directly.

Chris Powell

>I want to create a real life weather system in my game. I'm wondering how I
>can code it so that in the desert it doesn't rain as much as in the
>rainforest, and when you move from room to room the weather doesn't
change -
>like from sun to snow. Coding is not a problem for me, but I'm just not
>*how* to code/implement it.
>Anyone give me some pointers?

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