Re: Strange Loop..

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (
Date: 05/05/99

> log() the values of tv_usec and tv_sec.
Tried that, but can't remember the results, think I'll go try again..

> It makes sure your pulses are .1 second long.  You may have just broken
> your timer.
Hmm.. the mud seems to be running stable enough though.

I've tried to reproduce the problem on 2 other machines, both running
RH5.2, whereas this one is running 5.0, on none of these machines the
problem occurred (Ie. the loop was still there and it worked). Anyone
knows if RH5.0 has timing problems or possibly if a DX4 486 100Mhz has any
timing problems (Or any combination).. Funny though, since nothing was
changed in the code, Which was proven by reverting to an old one, where
this problem also occurred, havent tried a StockCircle to see if the
problem also occurs here, maybe that was an idea..


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