Re: New DG Scripts release available-something odd.

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 05/05/99

ok, that works for players, but for mobs I get reverse results.
The obj thinks it is being worn when carried and carried when worn.

"Mark A. Heilpern" <> on 05/05/99 02:27:38 PM

What happens if you change your trigger commands
to look like this (the if/end's):

   set worn %self.worn_by%
    if %worn%
       %echo% ring worn by

   set carried %self.carried_by%
   if %carried%
       %echo% ring carried by

When the item is not worn or carried, those values are
not assigned to be a UIN (which identifies t character), they
are empty. Trying to take a UID field of a non-UID variable
is bound to fail.

When I tried your script, I was told "The Void" (the name of
room 0) was carrying/wearing the item when noone was.
I tried it on pl7a also, not on pl6.

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