[CODE] Guild Guards

From: Phillip Cowan (pcowan@ASAPINTRA.NET)
Date: 05/05/99

The problem I am having is that any player can go into any guild and is
not blocked by any the guards.  I checked class.c and the rooms are listed for
guild_info (I believe that's the correct array), and I verified spec_assign.c
and spec_proc.c to see if anything had changed... all this is the same as the
stock Circle30bpl15.
     I placed some error log output messages into the actual procedure being
called, and it doesn't even seem that the mud is calling the procedure.  But,
on the other hand, other special procedures seem to work fine... so that makes
me really miffed.  I'm kind of at a loss for where to dig next in the code.
     If anyone has had this issue, how do I fix it?  Otherwise, can someone
tell me where I go, or what process I can use to trace the functionality of
this Guild Guard Special Procedure?
     I have Circle30bpl15, OLC 2.1a, DG_Scripts 16, DG Events, ASCii Pfiles,
Copyover, Quests, Races, and a few other things.  I have crammed them all into
the MUD and it is quite stable, except for this error of course.


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